Collin Crowel


Collin Crowel is an Analyst at Alkali Partners. He is a seasoned data scientist, researcher, and healthcare data expert with a passion for optimization and pattern identification.

Prior to Alkali, Collin spent time in boutique managerial consulting, focusing on strategy, feasibility, and planning for medium-to-large integrated health systems, health departments, and health-related state regulatory agencies. In addition, he holds an active Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) credential from the state of North Carolina.

Collin received a BA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), where he pursued a degree in Economics with focus on Big Data and minor in Chemistry. As a walk-on to the men’s rowing team at UNC, Collin placed 2nd at the national ACRA Regatta in 2018, as 3rd seat of the UNC men’s 2V. He is also conversationally proficient in Russian.

When Collin isn’t performing data analysis, he enjoys playing guitar and trumpet, skiing, snowboarding, recreationally SCUBA diving, and weightlifting.